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The beauty of a natural flowing water is so enthralling and captivating, and serve as an amazing tourist attraction. There are quite a number of amazing freshwater lakes in the world, however, this article will highlight 10 of the most popular freshwater lakes in the world. These lakes would serve as the perfect sites for your next vacation! In no particular order, the most popular freshwater lakes are:

  1. Lake Superior: Although this list is in no particular order, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world. The literal definition of this name is that it is an upper lake. Located in North America, this lake is bordered by Ontario to the north, Minnesota to the west and Wisconsin to the south. The lake is connected to over 200 rivers, with its water fluctuating from month to month. The region surrounding the Lake Superior is rich in mineral resources such as copper, iron, nickel, etc. Some amazing facts about Lake Superior is that it rarely freezes over, and it has its own tide.
  2. Great Bear Lake: This freshwater lake is located in Canada, and freezes between November– July. It is best to visit this lake when it is not frozen over, as you get the best experience then. This lake also offers itself as home to fisherman, and greatly boost their source of livelihood.
  3. Great Slave Lake: This freshwater lake is also located in Canada. This is the lake where the documentary series ‘Ice Lake Rebels’ which aired on Animal Planet between the year 2014-2016 took place. It also would not be wrong to call Great Slave Lake a bird gallery, as there are numerous amazing species of birds that can be found there.
  4. Lake Huron: Still located in North America, this lake is also among the list for popular freshwater lakes in the world. It is classified under the five Great Lakes group of North America. The largest city on Lake Huron is Sarnia. Out of the five lakes under the Great Lakes group, the Lake Huron was the first to be discovered by European explorers. There is an underground salt mine which runs underneath Lake Huron.
  5. Caspian Sea: This is a freshwater lake located between Europe and Asia. This lake is home to numerous species of fishes, reptiles as well as plants. This lake is surrounded by countries such as Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, and others as well. This lake however loses a lot of water to evaporation.
  6. Lake Tanganyika: Located in Africa, this is the longest freshwater lake, and is shared between four African countries; Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Tanganyika holds 2nd position as the oldest, deepest and largest in volume freshwater lake in the world. This lake plays home to a whole lot of unusual species of sea creatures.
  7. Lake Michigan: This freshwater lake is located within the United States and still a part of the five Great Lakes group. On an estimate, there are about 100 streams that flow into Lake Michigan. Due to it being a tourist attraction, people living along the shores of Lake Michigan have greatly benefitted from tourism. This freshwater lake holds 6th position as the largest freshwater lake in the world.
  8. Lake Malawi: Lake Malawi is an African freshwater lake which is located between Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. However, its name takes after the Malawi country. It is the 9th largest freshwater lake in the world, and its layers do not mix. This lakes serves as sources of food to people who live around its shores. Due to the amazing characteristics of the lake, its national park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.
  9. Lake Baikal: This is a Russian freshwater later, and the largest freshwater lake in volume in the world. In 1996, this lake was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The popularity of this lake is steadily on an increase, and has had positive boost on the economy of its surroundings. This lake is known to hold about 20% of all freshwater on the planet.
  10. Lake Victoria: This Lake is located in Africa along the borders of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. As well as being a freshwater lake, it is also the largest tropical lake in the world. This lakes also serves as a source for River Nile, and a source of electricity especially for the people of Uganda as its water is used to generate electricity.

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