Although Finland is the eight most expensive country in Europe, its beautiful cultural, environmental and architectural features cannot be denied. These features go a long way in keeping tourist hooked on the country when they visit. Some of these features include one of the world largest sea fortresses (Suomenlina Fortress), Helsinki Churches which are known for their unique architectural designs, the Northern Lights which can be seen from certain places in Finland, Lemmenjoki National Park, and much more.

  Aside from the beautiful features, Finland has also has one of the world’s best educational system. With its flexible educational system, it provides wholesome learning in a serene and conducive environment. The system ensure that no educational institution has a larger gap over the other. In fact, the educational system of Finland has outranked the United States, and is gaining up on other Asian countries. With this, it is rest assured that Finland has some of the best universities in the world.

  This article is going to highlight the 5 top universities in Finland:

  1. University of Helsinki: Located in the Helsinki which is the capital of Finland, this university is the oldest university in Finland. The University of Helsinki takes in pride having educated a number of prominent people, with an estimate of nine presidents since its inception. The university takes pride in seeking solutions to global challenges, and playing a role in establishing the society. The university has about 4 campuses in Helsinki, and 9 campuses in other places of Finland. This university is also among the 100 best universities in the world. University of Helsinki is also best known for its research works and researchers. The university community is open to new students, both local and international. There are also so many attractions within the university community.
  2. Aalto University: Also located in Helsinki, this university is ranked amongst the best 200 universities in the world. This university creates conditions for innovations, economic growth and employment. Its campus area is one that gives inspiration to try out new ideas and collaborate with one another. Although considered as relatively new as it was established in 2010, the University has 6 schools namely: School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, and School of Science. Any student who wishes to be part of the Aalto University community is welcome to be part of any of the 6 aforementioned schools.
  3. Tampere University: This University is a merger of Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere. This merger took place of the 1st of January 2019. Before being merged, Tampere University of Technology was the second largest university in engineering sciences in Finland. Much cannot be said about the Tampere University now as it is still very new, but Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere had excellent performances to their name, thus, making the merged University amongst the list.
  4. University of Oulu: This is the largest university in Finland. It is ranked amongst the best 400 universities in Nigeria. With vast fields of study and 4 campuses, University of Oulu has presented itself as a prestigious citadel of learning which produces students with a difference. The university works in 70 research areas, and has 4 focus research areas which are: Information Technology, Biosciences and Health, Cultural Identity and Interaction, Environment, Natural Resources and Materials. One amazing thing about this university is that once student union membership fee is paid and the student gets a student card, the student is entitled to free medical services.
  5. University of Turku: Located in Turku which is the 9th most populous urban area in the Nordic countries by population. This university is the second largest university in Finland. With a beautiful and comfortable environment in all its campuses, and other attractions, the University of Turku has proved itself and is among the top 300 best universities in the world. It offers numerous programs, and has partnerships with universities in other countries in terms of masters and PhD programs. The university also organizes international conferences, open days, seminars, workshops, and numerous training and courses of its prospective students. It is a unique university that is a force to be reckon with!

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