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The change initiative brought by the APC political party in 2015 with their presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, wormed its way into the hearts of majority of Nigerians. Nigerians really seemed to buy the initiative and were in support of Buhari.

Amongst these Nigerians were also pastors who in one way or the other pledged their support to Buhari, and found a way to sell him to their congregation.  Many proposed a better Nigeria with Buhari, stating how they had gotten revelations from God that Buhari was the right man for the post.

Here’s a list of five famous Nigerian pastors that supported Buahri in 2015:

  1. Pastor Habu: A pastor among the Northerner Christian Pastors, he was a major supporter of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. He preached Buhari as the light of Nigeria, and it is a wonder what could have gone wrong as he contested in the 2019 general elections under the People’s Democratic Party. Could it be he had a new vision where he replaced Buhari as the light needed in Nigeria?
  2. Pastor Tunde Bakare: Pastor Tunde is the leader of Latter Rain Assembly. He was also a strong supporter of Buhari in 2015, however, tables turned towards the end of 2018 as he started saying Buhari has failed Nigerians. His earlier sentiments for Buhari might be traced to the fact that he was the vice presidential candidiate for Buhari in 2011. It also has been revealed that Pastor Tunde still has political ambitions as he says he is waiting for Buhari to finish his second tenure so that something better can happen to Nigeria.
  3. Bishop Kayode Williams: Popularly known as the criminal who accepted Christ during his jail term and embarked in prison ministries, Bishop Kayode was also among the pastors who supported Buhari in 2015. He was the National Coordinator of a group called ‘Change for Good Governance’ who were in support of there being a cleansing in the leadership and governance of Nigeria. The group had over 6000 pastors, and always projected Buhari as a man of integrity.
  4. Reverend Moses Iloh: Known as a social critic, late Reverend Moses was the founder of Soul Winning Chapel. He was a staunch supporter of Buhari, and heavily campaigned for him in 2015. However, he was not in support of Buahri in the 2019 elections as he said he later realized that in as much as Buhari did well in military administration, he was not able to cope in this democracy era, and is hindering the growth of Nigeria. He urged Buhari not to contest, even though Buhari went against his warnings and still won.
  5. Archbishop Magnus: He was also a Buharist in 2015, and was the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria South-West region before his death. He was also a part of the 6000 pastors of the Change of Good Governance group. According to them, God told that Buhari would be the next president of Nigeria of which he did.

These five pastors and many more were strong Buharists in 2015, although many of them have decamped presently.



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