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MTN Project Fame West Africa was one reality show that helped elevate certain individuals to stardom, and aid them in their singing career. The show helped contestants in improving their vocals, composure and overall being. Many superstars have been produced from this show including Iyanya and Chidinma who were winners of the show in season 1 and 3 respectively.

Apart from the main winners, the show also produced other stars who turned out to be winners in their own way. However, there are some stars that have gone off the grid and one begins to wonder what they are up to lately. Some MTN Project Fame stars that have stopped singing include:

  1. Geoffrey Oji: He was the winner if the reality TV show in 2014 (Season 7), and released an amazing single which was titled Bursting my Brain. He later had a mixtape, and after that nothing has been heard from him both music wise and otherwise. Geoffrey was a promising young star, and it is a wonder how he just stopped singing and nothing has been heard from him.
  2. Mike Anyasodo: Mike was the winner of the show in its second season, and has since been up and around releasing songs. The last that was heard of Mike who now goes iMike was during the 9th season of the show when he graced the stage. Mike is also known for being a bit controversial, but no new songs have been dropped by him.
  3. Olawale: After winning the show in season 6, Olawale dropped some songs, and nothing was heard from him afterwards. However, towards the end of last year there was news that Olawale was now a cab driver in Lagos. Olawale granted interviews on these where he clarified that yes he became a cab driver as it was a better option than getting involved in illegitimate activities. He said he uses the cab as a hustle to augment his music career. There has been no new songs from him lately, and news says he has also stopped the cab business.
  4. Kitay: Kitay was the second runner up of project fame season 9, and caught the heart of the audience to the point where majority felt he was going to be the winner of the show. There has been nothing from Kitay which is very shocking considering how well he performed in the house, and the expectations the public had from him when the show was over.
  5. Eyo: Popularly known as the fine boy of the house in the 3rd season of the project fame show, Eyo is also one project fame star who has stopped singing. After the show, he released some tunes but after that he seemed to have disappeared off the grid. Then, it was taken that he was going to seem like the next Iyanya after the show. There has been no information or songs from ‘Fine Boy Eyo’, and his disappearance also came as a shock.

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