How to study and live in Ireland for less than 5million naira as a Nigerian

adminFebruary 14, 2019

After Germany , Ireland remains one of the best places to study in Europe as an international student. They have a 24months after study advantage which is not a common offer for immigrants in other countries in Europe. Studying in ireland also gives you an opportunity to work part time while you study and this comes with the stay back option initially mentioned above. There are many advantages of studying in ireland , the most important one however remains that you have the chance to work and study in an English speaking country. Roughly over 30,000 international students spreading around 150 countries all over the world are currently enjoying their learning in different Ireland Universities. Ireland is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in Europe and also top leading countries have their headquarters in Dublin. In addition to all this, you get to learn in one of the safest places in the world.

How much is the tuition fees in Ireland Universities.

Tuition fees differ from school to school but the general tuition pricing in schools remains 9000eur0s to 10,000euros respectively.

What is the cost of living in Ireland for students

It is a bit above the average for other European countries, but for a student living with a child , you will need around 500euros , if you are leaving alone in campus you will need around 400euros handy every month. You need about 250 euros to feed your self every month. You may also locate very cheap spots in Ireland , this includes supermarkets like Dunnes, Super Quinn, Tesco among others. All this if converted to naira is ranging from about 130,000 to 150,1000naira.

Cost of Transportation for International Students in Ireland

You have an advantage here as you’ll be getting discounts if you have your student leap card while paying for any form of transport. You should also lookout for Bus Eireann  Transport services the very popular means used by students for commuting around the country. Most importantly try getting a bicycle to save you most of these transport costs.

Books and Medical Insurance expenses in Ireland

Other expenses you may incure as a student studying in Ireland are Book expenses which will be around 80 to 100euros. Also keep in mind that you may be spending on medical insurance which is about 50euros per month

Now lets look out some of the cheapest schools to study in Ireland.

By now you should have started making your research for affordable schools in Ireland if you really wish to study there, but if you haven’t , here is a list of fairly expensive schools you could consider.

University of Limerick

Founded in 1972, University of Limerick is a higher institution of education which later became a university in 1989. They offer programmes in different categories including sciences , Engineering and Education. The tuition fee ranges from  €7,000-8000.Check for more information.

University College Cork

Also regarded as ireland’s first 5 star University, University College cork a leading research institute which was awarded an international green flag for their eco friendliness. The Tuition fee ranges from 6700euros or more . Check for more information.

St Patrick’s College Maynooth, Ireland

Located in Maynooth county Ireland, the tuition fee in this schools is about 5000euros.

University College Dublin

With over 1400 faculties UCD boasts as one of the world’s leading research university with over 32,000 students un arguably Irelands largest university. Undergraduate tuition and fees8,958 EUR (2017), International tuition: 23,800 EUR (2017)

Royal College of Surgeons

This school is specialized in handling surgical practices all over country of ireland. It is an education institution which has existed for years and is the surest place for medical related courses. The tuition fees however is between 6000euros to 8000euros. Check their official link here

So there you have it, all you need to know about the cost of studying in Ireland for less than 5million and also Low cost tuition universities in Ireland. Admission process to these University will be discussed on another note. If you have any questions. Do not hestitate to ask in the comment section



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