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Dealing with self-esteem issues can be quite tasking and nerve wrecking, and one would agree that having self-esteem issues leaves you at your low and unproductive. One solution when down with self-esteem issues is reading. Yes, reading helps as there are books out there that helps to build your self-esteem and confidence level.

These books help you build yourself, and discover more about yourself that will aid you in life sphere. They provide alternate out of the norm solutions that self-esteem issues, and leave you better and stronger than you were. In as much as there are so many books on self-esteem, this article will highlight 5 books that talk about self-esteem.

  1. Daring Greatly: This is a book by Brene Brown which talks about certain case scenarios that one puts themselves in which leaves them vulnerable. However, she goes further to validate that leaving yourself vulnerable is not as crime, rather it takes courage to leave yourself vulnerable for growth which will lead to better living. The book analyses problems and issues, and proffers solutions for them. Brown also ensured to back up all her claims with facts in the book. This book will help your self-esteem as it will analyses all issues to the tiniest bit, and give you ways to overcome them.

  2. On Becoming: This is a book by Nigerian Media Personality Toke Makinwa, where she gives insights into her life, and talks about how you can become what you want to be if you put your mind to it. In this book, she lays her life bare to her readers; she takes her readers through her sufferings which includes the loss of her parents and her failed marriage. Despite all these, she still found a way to come out from her low and push on. As the name of the book implies, the book tells of her journey on becoming the Toke Makinwa everyone knows today. The book is an encouragement that despite what might hit you, there are ways to become stronger. She basically uses her life story as an encouragement story.
  3. The Power of Positive Thinking: A book written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, which educates people on the effect of thoughts on your self-esteem. This book entails everyone to always channel their thoughts positively as there is power in positive thinking. You might be at your lowest moment, but positive thinking can be the key to your uplifting.  The book talks about you can develop healthy mental habits that will aid you in life including in the realization of your life goals and aspirations. The book reflects that you are an image of your thoughts, and your thoughts go a long way in either boosting or lowering your self-esteem.
  4. What a Time to be Alone: In a world full of stereotypes where other people feel they can dictate what you to do or not do with your life, Chidera Eggerue (The SlumFlower) comes with this book which would serve as a guide on why YOU should be your own priority. This books tells you why you should live your life for YOU and Yourself. You should put your happiness above every person opinion, and not allow their opinion about their life matter. In as much as people learn from other, you need to filter out the nonsense, and get the sense from what they say. This book encourages you to be YOU, and do YOU.
  5. Secrets of the Streets: This book by written by comedian Teju Babyface, and highlights his journey to fame, including principles one should imbibe in their everyday life. It is also a guide for those seeking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and attain success. However, it entails ‘secrets’ on how to better yourself, and become a person who is a force to reckon with.

All these books help to enhance your self-esteem, and help you become a better person. With these books, you are set on the right path, and would become stronger.


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