Writing a Resignation letter to your company in a professional way

adminFebruary 25, 2019

It is normal in life to move from one level to a higher level, hence, the need for one to resign from a job to one that will take them to a higher level. Writing of a resignation letter may sometimes come off as strenuous as one begins to think how exactly to go about it, as they do not want to come off sounding too cold or too extra in the letter to the company they want to resign from.

  In as much as one is poised at writing a resignation letter that is formal, it is important that gratitude be reflected through the letter. Your resignation letter should be one that still leaves you in good standing with the company even when you have left them. It is extremely to still maintain a cordial relationship with the company you are resigning from, as they could be of extreme help to you in the near future. For example, they can come in handy in recommending you for a higher position, job or appointment.

  As in almost every letter, there are certain features that should also be contacted in a resignation letter:

  • Address and Date: As usual, a formal letter should contain the address and date of the writer. The date of submission is important as companies use it to check if it goes in line with their resignation guideline. Most companies have guidelines that about 2 weeks notice or more should be given before one resigns. Through your letter, they would be able to crosscheck.
  • Addressee: Who is your letter addressed to? You may be resigning from an organization, and writing a letter to inform the organization. But who exactly or what department is your letter addressed to? In majority, a resignation letter is usually addressed to the HR. However, many people make the mistake of addressing it to the managing director instead. You may be leaving an organization, but you have to do it right and follow due procedures! Clearly state out who the letter is addressed to, and ensure it is the right person/department.
  • Body: This is the main content of the letter, and it needs to be kept short and simple. It is not necessary to start writing long stories about how you found your new placement or the new place you are heading. In the body, appreciate the organization for its love and care during your stay at the organization. Assure them that in as much as you are leaving, you still consider them as family. Let them know that if they are ever in need of their services, you would be glad to be of help. After showing gratitude, clearly state the day of your departure. This ensures them to be prepared ahead of time instead of being caught unawares. After all these, end the letter with your name and signature.

  A resignation letter can be a big deal, and also not be at same time. However, if done right it becomes nothing to worry about. Always ensure not to lose relationships created because you are resigning!


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